The Hughes Family State of Affairs for 2000

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Usually I write this letter by going through the photo album and reliving the year. I didn't take many pictures so the letter will be more difficult to write this year.

Actually last December was a significant time & was after last year's letter went out. The reason it was significant was that our daughter Sara graduated from college as an accountant. We didn't find out till later that she passed her CPA exams. We also brought in the year 2000 on December 31st with a gala party and friends from Iowa.

I am still with Rockwell Collins and much of this year was spent demonstrating that we can successfully work split site with the engineering departments in Cedar Rapids.

Beverly is working as the "Interim Associate Pastor for Congregational Care" at First Presbyterian Church in Richardson. She is also on some Prestigious Texas Commissions. She volunteers at the local school in the HOST program which is often the best part of her week. She says her goal for the next year is to do less work and more other things.

Sara moved to Texas in January and is an accountant for Perkins-Wright Accounting PC in Richardson. Tx. She has been very active at church, sings in the choir, and is a sponsor for the youth program.

David moved to Texas in June and is a High-School Mathematics teacher in Allen Texas. He also coaches Soccer.

2000 was fairly anti-climatic from 1999. Actually I'll be happy to see 2000 come to an end. It started out with my being ill with pneumonia and having kidney stones in the months of Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr. Believe me, that was no way to start a year!

A Blow by Blow Account Of The Year


  • Sara moved to Texas, Started to work for Perkins Wright, and bought a new car


  • Beverly had Lasik eye surgery performed & for the first time in her life doesn't need to wear glasses. She sees better than I do.


  • David came to check out the local school system


  • My folks and Paul, Gale, & Diane came to Texas for a visit.


  • David moved to Texas. He and Sara share an apartment to split expenses


  • Sara went to Boston to see her long time friend Heather and the fireworks
  • Beverly traveled to St Louis for continuing education
  • Beverly's mother Roberta & sister Caia came for a visit during a long road trip.


  • We had a wonderful anniversary! A parishioner gave Bev a gift certificate at an excellent restaurant in Richardson. The next night we went to another restaurant and a parishioner who works there, brought out a beautiful dessert made special for us by the chef!
  • Bev reached her goal of loosing 20 lbs by August 30th!


  • Our friends the Olson's came down for a wedding & we had a nice visit
  • We traveled to Iowa for the O'l Bridge Group Annual Get Together and to visit friends and family


  • We went to Montreal and Quebec City with Beverly's sister Pat & husband Jim.
  • We hosted a Halloween party for 38 members of the church
  • David flew to see his long time friend Paul in IN.


  • Beverly & Sara performed in Mozart's Requiem held at the church


  • Sara will be doing her Christmas shopping in Las Vegas
  • David begins coaching soccer
  • We Start all over again
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Live well & Enjoy!!

Wayne & Beverly Hughes