The Hughes Family State of Affairs for 2002
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I continue to work for Rockwell Collins. Beverly is the Pastor at First Presbyterian Church Commerce Texas. David is a High School Math Teacher in Plano Texas. Sara is an Accountant for Perkins, Dexter, Sinopoli & Hamm PC in Richardson Texas.

I feel like the spectator at a Roller Derby this year. Things have been moving fast & furious for most of the family. I've just been watching it all move along.

The biggest news is that David and Elaine Park are engaged and are planning to be married in Oct. 2003.

The second biggest news is that Beverly is now the Head Pastor at First Presbyterian Commerce. She has an apartment there and we visit each other on our days off.

David has switched from teaching in Allen TX to teaching in Plano TX. The two cities are adjacent but he is a little closer to home.

Beverly and Sara went on a European vacation aka choir trip through England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Sara continues to work to be a licensed CPA in Texas. The reciprocity between Iowa and Texas isn't good.

A Blow by Blow Account of the Year



  • We spent New Years Eve with friends
  • Bev begins work as interim head of Staff at Richardson


  • Roberta & Caia came for a visit. We went to the Sixth Floor Museum and South Fork Ranch (the Dallas TV show)
  • It snowed in Plano (not winter mix but rather real snow)


  • Pat & Jim Longstaff came to Texas and we were tourists in the San Antonio, Lukenbach, and Frederichsburg area


  • Bev goes to Iowa to do a workshop at Kenwood Park our first church in Cedar Rapids. Like old home week!


  • Bev interviews with Commerce First
  • David meets Elaine - important see September


  • Beverly & Sara took a Choir trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Beverly was a minister for a day in Scotland and performed a wedding in a castle.


  • Rebuilt the fence
  • My folks came for a visit & we saw the Rangers win (that didn't happen too often). Saw the Mesquite Rodeo too.
  • Good-bye parties for Beverly at First Presbyterian church Richardson TX


  • Beverly started at First Presbyterian Church Commerce TX
  • We visited with family & friends in Iowa
  • Beverly had a birthday


  • Wayne turned 28 (more or less)
  • Sara starts back to classes & goes to Vegas
  • David & Elaine became engaged


  • Beverly's installation at First Presbyterian Commerce TX
  • Vacationed in Iowa with old friends and saw my folks
  • We lose our long time pet, "Patches"


  • Thanksgiving with our family including our future daughter-in-law


  • Wayne goes to Iowa to be with parents before Christmas
  • Preparing for Christmas & New Years Eve and then we do it all over again.

Wayne -, Beverly -, David -, Sara -

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Live well & Enjoy!!
Wayne & Beverly Hughes