The Hughes Family State of Affairs for 2018

1517 Aylesbury Ln, Plano TX, 75075 - (972) 423-8611(h)


  • Started The Year Off By Replacing The 2009 Sportster with a 2007 Road King.  Older But A Better Suspension.
  • We Have Had Several People Stop By For A Visit Which We Enjoyed Very Much
  • We had "3" Big Trips This Year.  1st Was To The Grand Canyon In Arizona.  2nd Was With Friends Phil & Penny Colbaugh, To Holland (Attending Keukenhof + Other) And Then On To North Ireland and Ireland.  3rd Was To England With The Plano Civic Choir
  • We Also Visited Our O'l Stomping Grounds Of Iowa for Zion Presbyterian's 150 Year Celebration, The Iowa State Fair and A Friend's Reunion. 
  • I've Taken A Number Of Day Rides With The Easy Riders RC.  The Rides Are Best Described As "Ride Somewhere, Eat Something And Enjoy The Ride!"
  • We Had A Scare, Concerning Our Friend Penny Colbaugh.  The Good News Is That She Is On The Mend.
  • Beverly Is Enjoying Retirement But Not Her Arthritis.  She Started On Biologic Meds Which Seem To Help

A Month By Month Account Of The Year


  • Beverly, Pixie & I Took A Road Trip To AZ To See The Grand Canyon And Petrified Forest.
  • On The Return Trip We Stopped In Albuquerque NM To Visit With Beverly's Seminary Roommate Karen Bash 


  • ZoŽ's 12th B'Day
  • James' 8th B'Day


  • Beverly Performed A Wedding In Kingfisher OK For One Of Her Youth (No Longer A Youth) From The Commerce Church
  • I Performed In A Talent Show.  Jokes, Guitar & Song. I Had Fun.
  • Sara's B'Day


  • Easter Dinner, Family At Our House
  • Traveled  To Holland, North Ireland and Ireland


  • Sara & Leigh's 12th Anniversary
  • Mother's Day Celebration 
  • Celebrated Zion Presbyterian Church's 150 Year Celebration In Coggon IA.  Zion Was Beverly's First Church & Where She Was Ordained.


  • Traveled To England With The Plano Civic Choir.  Beverly Performed And I  Went As A Sherpa
  • Leigh's B'Day
  • Elaine's B'Day



  • Spent The 4th Of July With David's Family


  • For Beverly's B'Day Present We Traveled To Des Moines IA To Attend The Iowa State Fair And Meet Up With Friends
  • Beverly Turned 67
  • Our 47th Wedding Anniversary.  


  • I Turned 29!  However, My Chronometer And Odometer Are Not In Agreement.  Guess It's The Miles That Takes Its Toll.
  • Maia's 11th B'Day 


  • David & Elaine's 15th Anniversary
  • We Attend A Friend's Reunion In Panora IA
  • Halloween At Our Children's Homes


  • Grace's 9th B'Day
  • Thanksgiving Feast - The Whole Family At Our House


  • Michael's 7th B'Day
  • David's  B'Day   
  • The Christmas Letter Is Sent Out
  • Here We Go Again!!!

Beverly -       Wayne -

Folks Do Come To Texas For Vacation.  If Y'all Want To Take A Vacation, You Are Welcome To Come On Down!  We'd Enjoy It.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Live well & God Bless!!
Wayne & Beverly Hughes