The Hughes Family State of Affairs for 2021

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  • Our Big Event This Year Is Our 50th Wedding Anniversary. 50 Years Ago We Were Married.  There Were Many Events That Took Place.  Many Really Good And Some Not Good.  Mostly I Remember The Good.  Then One Day I Woke Up And BANG 50 Years Have Elapsed.  How Did That Happen???
  • From Last Year's Letter Through January Of This Year I Have Had 3 Surgeries.  The Good News Is The Surgeries Were Successful.
  • In May I Took My Last Motorcycle Ride.  The Motorcycle Did Not Hold Traction On A Wet Turn In OK.  I Broke 7 Ribs, 2 Ankle Bones, My Shin Bone, Collapsed Lung And Lacerated My Spleen. The Good News Is That These Things Will Heal.  The Bad News Is That I Was A Burden To Beverly.
  • We are . 
  • Our Annua

A Month By Month Account Of The Year


  • Beverly & I Received Our First COVID-19 Inoculations.  Beverly the Pfizer and I the Moderna.  You Get What Is Available When Your Name Comes Up On The Waitlist.


  • ZoŽ's 15th B'Day.  
  • James' 11th B'Day
  • The WX was A Bummer.  With The Exception Of 2 Hours We Had Over 400 Hours Below Freezing.  This Resulted In A Water Pipe Located In An Outside Wall Bursting & Having Our Water Shut Off For 5 Days.  The Plumbers Were Over Whelmed As We Certainly Weren't The Only Ones.  Just Too Darned Cold For Too Long.
  • Beverly Received Her Second Covid-19 Vacination. 


  • I Received My Second Covid-19 Vacination.
  • Sara's B'Day
  • Time For A Road Trip.  Since Menmphis was An 8 Hr Drive, We Went To Memphis For Tours, Q And Music.  A Most Enjoyable Trip.
  • On A Sad Note We Made A Quick Trip To Cedar Rapids To Attend A Funeral.


  • Easter Dinner Was Held At David & Elaine's With The Whole Family
  • Beverly Began Preparation For Removal Of Her Cataracts


  • I Had A Motorcycle Crash & My Last Motorcycle Ride
  • Beverly Had Her Cateracts Removed And No Longer Requires Eye Glasses
  • Sara & Leigh's 15th Anniversary


  • Leigh's B'Day
  • Elaine's B'Day
  • We Star
  • Moved From Th


  • Texas Return


  • Beverly Turned 70.  O
  • Our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  N


  • I Turned 70. Wow! Seems like I was 29 Just Yesterday.
  • Maia's 14th B'Day.  


  • David & Elaine's 18th Anniversary
  • Beverly & I 


  • Grace's 12th B'Day
  • Thanksgiving Feast - The Whole Family At Our House
  • Sending Ou
  • Anxiously A


  • Michael's 10th B'Day
  • David's  B'Day   

2021 Plans 
  • Who Knows???  It 

Beverly -       Wayne -

Folks Do Come To Texas For Vacation.  If Y'all Want To Take A Vacation, You Are Welcome To Come On Down!  We'd Enjoy It.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Live well & God Bless!!
Wayne & Beverly Hughes