The Hughes Family State of Affairs for 2023

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  • Been A Difficult Year (Too Many Maladies) For Family And Friends
  • I Was Recovering From A Successful Left Ankle Replacement (Fifth Surgery In 2 Years). 
  • We Attended A Few Tribute Performances Of 60's And Early 70's Music.
  • Beverly Started Preaching As A Pulpit Supply Pastor Helping Struggling Churches.  
  • Beverly's Spine Took A Shift Such That Steroid Injections Werenít Helpful Enough.  She Had 2 Scoliosis Surgeries
  • August Was Wicked Hot!  The Sun's High Level Of CMEs Bore Down On Us.  Dang!!!

A Month By Month Account Of The Year


  • I Was Recovering From My 5th Ankle Surgery, Also PT Yet Again
  • As A Preventive Measure, Beverly Had A Hysterectomy 
  • I Attended The Funeral For Our Friend Lynn Jump Who Died Unexpectedly


  • ZoŽ's 17th B'Day.
  • James' 13th B'Day
  • Our Typical Valentine's Day Icey Weather Came Early This Year.  As Usual, North Texas Was Shut Down.


  • Sara's B'Day


  • Easter - Beverly Preached At Honey GroveTX  Presbyterian With Our Family In Attendance.  Followed Up With Easter Dinner At The Windom TX Feed Sack


  • With The Pandemic Behind Us, Graduation Ceremonies Can Again Be Held.  Our Youngest Grandchild (Michael) Graduated From Elementary.
  • Sara & Leigh's 17th Anniversary


  • Leigh's B'Day
  • Elaine's B'Day
  • David And Daughters Took A Driving East Coast Round Trip Of ~5,500 Miles Visiting 6 Flags Affiliated Amusement Parks And Friends At The Stops.
  • We Met Up With David & Elaine's Family In Ft Lauderdale Then Celebrated Their 20th Anniversary On A Week Long Caribbean Cruise.  Our Granddaughters Are Becoming Adults.
  • We Had A Hailstorm (3rd In 25 Years).  Result: A New Roof On The House And Dent Repair On The Pickup.  
  • We Celebrated The Forth At The Godecke's Who Had Just Returned A Day Earlier From A Cruise Through Croatia, Greece and Turkey.
  • Our Des Moines Friends - The Potratz Came To Texas For A Visit.  We Caught Up And Played Cards.
  • Beverly Turned 72.
  • Our 52nd Anniversary 
  • We Took A Quick Road Trip To Iowa Prior To Beverly's Surgery.  Visited Folks In Des Moines And Met JD And Harriet Half Way.  I Enjoyed Some BPT Sandwiches
  • Beverly Had Scoliosis Surgeries With A Painful Recovery


  • I Turned 72.  So Far The 70's Aren't The Best
  • Beverly Is Out Of The Hospitals And Home
  • Beverly's Sister Pat Came To TX To Assist
  • Maia's 16th B'Day.  Has A DL And A Car


  • David & Elaine's 20th Anniversary
  • Beverly's Surgery Is In The Recovery Phase
  • Reunion With The CR Friends In Galena IL
  • Halloween At David & Elaine's Haunted House, a record attendance of 900+.  This is amazing considering they only ran it for just over 2 hours.   It was really scary and they have all kinds of new ideas for next year>  


  • Grace's 14th B'Day. 
  • Beverly's visit to surgeon for three month check up.  She was delighted that many restrictions were dropped or lessened because the X-ray looked perfect.  Three more months until the next checkup with more restrictions lifted.
  • Wayne is seeing  a lot of games football, volleyball, soccer and a new one for Maia;  girls wrestling, she gets better every match. 
  • Thanksgiving Feast - The Whole Family At The Godecke's   
  • Bev is back to some of her activities and had bridge at our house twice the week before Thanksgiving.    
  • Both James and Micheal are playing horns in band. as an 8th grader, James tried out to play with the all region bands.  He succesfully placed second for euphonium.


  • We are Having our Faith Sharing group over for a Christmas Party.  We do this every year because they are neat folks.
  • We are having other Christmas parties and events.  Bev is preaching Christmas Eve in Honey Grove TX.
  • Michael's 12th B'Day 
  • David's B'Day  (he thinks he'll be 29 for a number of years)
  • Christmas 
.  2024 Plans
  • Zoe's (Our First Grandchild) Highschool Graduation.  Has been accepted to all of her favorite schools.   Now comes the hard part getting financial aid.  
  • Travel with Mary and Evan Potratz to hear some great music.  
  • Bev to stay healthy and Wayne to get to have his knees done.
  • Going to Pat and Jim's in the Spring!  

Beverly -       Wayne -

Folks Do Come To Texas For Vacation. If Y'all Want To Take A Vacation, You Are Welcome To Come On Down!  We'd Enjoy It.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Live well & God Bless!!
Wayne & Beverly Hughes