The Hughes Family State of Affairs for 1999

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Can you believe that its time to roll the three 9's over? I've done it a lot in cars but never on the calendar.

When we moved here, people told us that after we wore out a good pair of shoes, we would be Texans. There is a lot of experience regarding this topic as most of the people in Texas are from somewhere else. Most, like us, were moved here and have stayed. However, from looking at the bulging schools, its safe to say that in the near future, there will be many more native Texans.

Texas is growing on Beverly & I. It's difficult to get use to the changes that occur after living in a place for 47 years. Mostly we missed our family and our friends. However, It now appears that Sara will be joining us for awhile and obtaining work in Texas. David will probably also move down this summer as the city provides some opportunities that he doesn't have in Baxter Ia. So after making a few new friends and having family move down, Texas will become HOME. At least it will be more enjoyable (except for August - too HOT).

General Information: Wayne is still working for Rockwell Collins and Beverly is an Interim Pastor For Congregational Care at First Presbyterian Church in Richardson Tx.

Major Event's this year:

Difficult: In July, Beverly's brother Richard Hirl died from multiple sclerosis.
Joyful: Beverly obtained a Position at First Presbyterian Church Richardson

Sara is graduating from College (accounting major). Both David & Sara are graduated = no more tuition payments :-)

A Blow by Blow Account Of The Year


  • Beverly Started at First Presbyterian Church Richardson (part-time)


  • The weather was nice and the outdoors was beautiful


  • Pat & Jim came for a visit. We enjoyed the plants at the Dallas Arboretum.


  • Jacquie Hodson from Shellsburg and Richard & Phylis Ammeter from Coggon came for a visit.


  • Sara flew to Texas for a visit


  • David flew to Texas for a visit
  • Beverly's Brother Rick Hirl died
  • We made our first return trip to Iowa


  • Beverly's Mother & Caia came for a visit
  • Vacation Trip to Iowa & Beverly performed a wedding for the Daughter of some friends from Shellsburg
  • First Presbyterian Church Richardson puts Beverly on full-time.


  • It is HOT in Texas
  • Beverly got older
  • Our 28th Anniversary - Partied in The Dallas West End


  • Nothing significant happened


  • Vacation trip to Hawaii & met up with the Potratz's and Smith's (used points from traveling back & forth to California last year)


  • Beverly travels to Cape Cod for a Retreat & Conference
  • David & Sara flew down to Texas for Thanksgiving


  • Beverly Sings in The Messiah
  • We drive to Iowa
  • Sara Graduates
  • Beverly flies to Texas (works Christmas)
  • Beverly returns to Iowa & we celebrate New Years with the O'l Bridge Group

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Live well & Enjoy!!

Wayne & Beverly Hughes