The "OFFICIAL" Bridge Group Weekend October 2014

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The Barn House LLC
13527 Gun Club Rd
Epworth IA 52045


Charades (Without Any Reference To Hymnals) From Years 1954 - 2014
From Each Decade (Note: There are SIX Decades) Bring:
Song Titles
Movie Titles
TV Titles
Whatever Else From This LONG Time Span
(BTW: Debbie is b:111100 Or Put Another Way O:74 Years Old)

If Debbie Olson Guesses Correctly Then We'll Do Something To Her.  If She Doesn't Guess Right Then We'll Do Something Else To Her


AR: Friday Oct 24 (3:00 PM)
LV: Sunday Oct 26 (11:00 AM)


The Barn House Dubuque, Iowa, USA (Located west of Dubuque in Epworth, Iowa)

What to Bring:

Friday Night

Hors d'oeuvres:

Note: We Had Too Many Veggie Trays Last Year
Barchards: BBQ Sandwiches & Cheese Ball
Hughes:  TBD
Hunters: TBD
Jumps: TBD
Rehages: TBD  
Schultes:  TBD


 Bring your own.  
Note: Beer is OK
 Left Over Hors d'oeuvres, Whatever & Beer
 Barchards: Desert: Cherries Jubilee (or something else)
Hughes: Desert: Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie Or Both
Hunters: Desert: One Of Those Yummy Deserts Pam Posts on FB
Jumps: Main Course: Bratwurst Stewed In Sauerkraut (With Buns)
Olson: Beer
Rehages: Salad: Replicating the Salad Served To Camilla, Dutchess Of Cornwall (or somethying else)
Schultes: Beer
When are we going to the

15159 Thielen Road, Dubuque, Iowa


Map barn House Epworth Ia